Next stop, Meri is a little game made on Bitsy Game maker for a college project. We wanted to create a feeling of adventure, giving the player as much freedom as possible.

You are welcome to enjoy this small open world adventure.

Discover the region of Meri with it's nature and ... weird habitants. Help them solve  their problems, discover their stories, create bounds .

Train Station

A lonely house in the moutains

The myterious forest

Music[8-bit] Gnossienne no. 3 - Erik Satie


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I personally really loved it, my favorite game in recent months, I'd def pay for this once it is a bit more ironed out. The design feels very cohesive, that's real talent. The art style is just, incredible, so much sensibility. The artist's monologue also made a strong personal connection with me. 

For critique, I got lost in the forest (after discovering the the "wall" thing) and circled back to where I started. Also while the long screen transition delay made sense when going between jungle >> city, it started to annoying in the jungle because it's so frequent. Also moving parallel to the screen edge shouldn't make me go to the next screen

Woaw! It's so cool you enjoyed it ! It wasn't easy to create a good design with the graphics limitations but I really wanted to create something as pleasant as possible. 

As for the transitions it is a good feedback, I shall find a better alternative.

Thank you very much for playing!!